Our Story

Wearable Mantra was created to add a twist to traditional inspirational jewelry. We want our jewelry to be more than a simple message written on a card that you read once and then throw away. Wearable Mantra is a lifestyle. With each piece of our beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, we want you to internalize the meaning and allow the mantra you choose to guide you in the right direction in life.

Something that makes Wearable Mantra unique is our close-knit community of MantraNautz  (/ˈmæntrə naútēZ.)  When you purchase a piece of our jewelry, you are not just a “customer,” but a “mantranaut”. “Mantra” refers to a simple phrase that is often repeated over and over in meditation or a personal slogan for your life. “Naut” means voyager or explorer. Together, the term “mantranaut” is our word for individuals who want to join us on this journey of living an inspired life that is full of exploration and discoveries and random acts of kindness.

Our challenge to you is “Dare to Inspire.” We want you to join our community of mantranautz and live each day fearlessly and purposefully. Whatever you set out to accomplish, we believe our wearable mantras can give you that extra push. Go out there and make a stranger smile. Volunteer and give back to your community. Take a risk. Conquer a fear. Inspire those around you to do the same. Dare to inspire. Dare to be you.